Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Partnering with Miller Homes to Rebuild Flood-Damaged Structures

Nine months after Hurricane Irene devastated thousands of New Jersey homes and businesses, the rebuilding continues. Did you know that if your home was damaged during the storm, you could be eligible for up to $30,000 in assistance? In some cases, residents covered under FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program can receive financial aid to restore or rebuild their home and elevate it above the floodplain. 

The NFIP was designed to protect against future flood risk by defraying costs related to local floodplain compliance. Eligible homeowners must have incurred at least 50% damage to their residence (based upon assessed property value), and funds may be used to elevate, relocate or demolish the existing structure.

Residents participating in the National Flood Insurance Program enjoy compassionate, turnkey service when they partner with our team. Services include demolition of your damaged home, design of a modular home, and construction that complies with all applicable floodplain guidelines. And, to help you cut through the red tape, the Miller Homes’ team offers support with insurance claims and FEMA documentation.

Currently, Miller Homes is rebuilding the home of Stephen Berlamino and his family, who are receiving FEMA funds to rebuild and elevate their home. Throughout the process, we have helped them meet FEMA guidelines while crafting a home that meets their safety and lifestyle requirements. To learn more about Stephen Berlamino’s flood reconstruction experience, or to view our other success stories, visit our website case studies

Ready to begin rebuilding your residence—and protecting it from future flooding and extreme weather? To inquire about renovating or rebuilding a New Jersey home, call or email our team today. We consider it an honor to help you regain footing after a season of difficult loss, and will do everything possible to streamline the construction process. 

*NOTE: To learn more about FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program, visit To determine program eligibility, contact your flood insurance provider

Miller Homes is a family-owned and operated business, creating distinctive modular homes for clients along the Jersey Shore. Tailoring homes to suit the diverse needs of our customers, each custom modular home represents the best in craftsmanship, sustainable design and functional living. To schedule a consultation with our team, or to discuss pricing, contact us today!

Jim Miller is the company owner of Miller Homes and takes a hands-on approach to every project by supervising the design, construction process, quality finish, and placement of each custom modular home.

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