Monday, July 16, 2012

What to Expect with a Modular Home

Don't Settle for Anything but the Best: Make Your Next Home a Miller Home
At Miller Homes, we do more than guide you through the survey, permit and engineering processes for your new modular home. Instead, we complete each of these complex steps for you. It's this service-minded approach that accelerates your home-building process-- and makes construction as simple and stress-free as possible.

Selecting the Ideal Home Site

If you don't already own a building site, you may need help choosing the property that suits your budget and location specifications. To simplify site selection, Miller Homes maintains an inventory of quality properties to meet your building needs. If you'd prefer to purchase your own site, we can also recommend available properties or direct you to a trusted real estate agent who specializes in your region of interest.

Customizing Your Dream Home

At Miller Homes, we believe that your home should be an original--not a cookie-cutter model. As an experienced modular home builder, Miller Homes creates customized home plans that accommodate your budget, realize your vision and suit your lifestyle needs. After meeting with you to discuss your ideas, our management team coordinates with the in-house architectural department to transform ideas into blueprints.

Obtaining Permits and Variances

For many homeowners, permit and variance procedures are a daunting hurdle to home building. Miller Homes helps to streamline the process by navigating building codes and regulations, applying for all necessary permits and contacting required Jersey Shore township officials.

Financing Your Modular Home

Following the finalization of your building plans, you'll receive a detailed contract that includes the final cost of your home. You have the option of obtaining your own financing, or working with our management team to secure financing. If you require a lending resource, call a Miller Homes' representative at 609-296-0052 to discuss your options.

Constructing Your Modular Home

The Miller Homes' team takes a turnkey approach to constructing your home, managing every aspect to ensure quality control. While the permit and application process is being completed, our construction team prepares your site.

Constructing Your Home's Foundation

After receiving all required permits, Miller Homes orders your custom home from one of the industry's premier modular home manufacturers. You can expect delivery of your home to the building site within five to six weeks, and home completion takes approximately two to four months, depending on your square footage and design enhancements. To guarantee that everything goes smoothly, owner Jim Miller supervises the entire building process and is on-site to assist with questions and concerns as they arise.

Protecting Your Home

Miller Homes is a proud member of the 2-10 Home Buyer's Warranty, which provides a comprehensive 10-year warranty on your modular home. This warranty is offered as a supplement to all manufacturer, material and mechanical warranties, and is designed to safeguard your investment and provide you with peace of mind for years to come.

Miller Homes is a family-owned and operated business, creating distinctive modular homes for clients along the Jersey Shore. Tailoring homes to suit the diverse needs of our customers, each custom modular home represents the best in craftsmanship, sustainable design and functional living. To schedule a consultation with our team, or to discuss pricing, contact us today

Jim Miller is the company owner of Miller Homes and takes a hands-on approach to every project by supervising the design, construction process, quality finish, and placement of each custom modular home.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Partnering with Miller Homes to Rebuild Flood-Damaged Structures

Nine months after Hurricane Irene devastated thousands of New Jersey homes and businesses, the rebuilding continues. Did you know that if your home was damaged during the storm, you could be eligible for up to $30,000 in assistance? In some cases, residents covered under FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program can receive financial aid to restore or rebuild their home and elevate it above the floodplain. 

The NFIP was designed to protect against future flood risk by defraying costs related to local floodplain compliance. Eligible homeowners must have incurred at least 50% damage to their residence (based upon assessed property value), and funds may be used to elevate, relocate or demolish the existing structure.

Residents participating in the National Flood Insurance Program enjoy compassionate, turnkey service when they partner with our team. Services include demolition of your damaged home, design of a modular home, and construction that complies with all applicable floodplain guidelines. And, to help you cut through the red tape, the Miller Homes’ team offers support with insurance claims and FEMA documentation.

Currently, Miller Homes is rebuilding the home of Stephen Berlamino and his family, who are receiving FEMA funds to rebuild and elevate their home. Throughout the process, we have helped them meet FEMA guidelines while crafting a home that meets their safety and lifestyle requirements. To learn more about Stephen Berlamino’s flood reconstruction experience, or to view our other success stories, visit our website case studies

Ready to begin rebuilding your residence—and protecting it from future flooding and extreme weather? To inquire about renovating or rebuilding a New Jersey home, call or email our team today. We consider it an honor to help you regain footing after a season of difficult loss, and will do everything possible to streamline the construction process. 

*NOTE: To learn more about FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program, visit To determine program eligibility, contact your flood insurance provider

Miller Homes is a family-owned and operated business, creating distinctive modular homes for clients along the Jersey Shore. Tailoring homes to suit the diverse needs of our customers, each custom modular home represents the best in craftsmanship, sustainable design and functional living. To schedule a consultation with our team, or to discuss pricing, contact us today!

Jim Miller is the company owner of Miller Homes and takes a hands-on approach to every project by supervising the design, construction process, quality finish, and placement of each custom modular home.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Why Should You Go Modular With Your Next Home?

Discover the Miller Homes Advantage!

Miller Homes are the epitome of performance, architectural beauty and energy efficiency. It is the smart way to build, offering many advantages over traditional, stick-built construction.

Each custom-built modular design is constructed in a state-of-the-art, climate-controlled environment to ensuring code compliance and total quality control. In addition, your modular residence can be created to fit virtually any style, size and floor plan. Miller Homes are the smart way to build, offering many advantages over traditional, stick-built construction.

Homes to Suit Every Need 

  • Rebuilding: Rather than selling an aging home and relocating to a new area, many homeowners prefer to retain their existing property and "start over" with their home. For these clients, Miller Homes manages the entire process—from demolition of the existing structure to completion of the new home.
  • Dream homes: When it is time to retire or relocate your family to the perfect, long-term residence, Miller Homes makes it happen. We will help you select the ideal property, if needed; and create a custom floor plan that suits your vision from quaint capes to sprawling Colonials.
  • Second homes: Miller Homes specializes in building second homes for retirees, families and single homeowners. Whether you're looking for a beachfront getaway or a city spread, we'll customize your second home to suit your budget and lifestyle. 
  • Design flexibility: Your Miller Home can be constructed in any size and layout, and offers endless opportunity for customization. Add this design versatility to your home's premium construction quality, and you'll wonder why you didn't call us sooner.
  • Fast move-in:  For most people, building a new home takes a year—or even more. With Miller Homes, your home is built in a controlled, indoor environment, taking weather delays out of the equation. Because of this streamlined process, your home could be move-in ready in as few as 90 days from day of set. 
  • Go green:  Miller uses the latest in innovation and advanced engineering to create your new home. From premium insulation and high-performance windows to superior craftsmanship and energy-efficient HVAC systems, your custom-built modular home will save you money, keep you healthy and comfortable-- and reduce your use of natural resources. Dedicated to sustainable building, Miller Homes participates in LEED and Energy Star programs.


  • Quality control: Miller Homes are built in a climate-controlled environment, making it easy to organize the construction process, eliminating the unpredictable Jersey Shore climate patterns. 
  • Precision: Because Miller Homes are built in a factory with total environmental control, our team has access to sophisticated equipment and computer technology that's not available to on-site builders. For homeowners, this means precision assembly, robust structural stability and unparalleled construction quality.
  • Cost-effective construction: Due to Miller's controlled, organized construction system, your costs are fixed. And since you won't be paying for materials loss due to weather, vandalism or construction waste, you'll stick to your budget.

Ready To Get Started?

Modular construction is an affordable way to build your dream home. Call Miller Homes today to schedule your on-site, no-obligation consultation.

Miller Homes is a family-owned and operated business, creating distinctive modular homes for clients along the Jersey Shore. Tailoring homes to suit the diverse needs of our customers, each custom modular home represents the best in craftsmanship, sustainable design and functional living. To schedule a consultation with our team, or to discuss pricing, contact us today!

Jim Miller is the company owner of Miller Homes and takes a hands-on approach to every project by supervising the design, construction process, quality finish, and placement of each custom modular home.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

What’s So Green about Modular Homes?

In a world where the economy and the environment are competing for attention, modular homes make good sense. Why? For one thing, NJ modular builders
are frugal with wood, and put wasted materials to good use. Wood, sheetrock and metal scraps are repurposed or recycled—even down to the sawdust generated during construction. Even stick-builders are learning from their modular competitors. According to Sami Yassa, director of the National Resources Defense Council’s forest initiative, “There has been a very positive change in the last 15 years in using less wood in homes generally, and modular construction has contributed to that change.”

In addition to a measurable reduction in materials waste, NJ modular homes are inherently more eco-friendly—since they are built with ultra-precision inside a controlled factory. The result? Tight, well-engineered construction that saves energy and decreases indoor air pollution.

Perhaps most importantly, Jersey Shore modular homes are an affordable way to go green. While many other green technologies exceed the budget of most families, modular homes cost 5 to 20 percent less than traditional construction. This cost reduction is due to shorter construction times, less materials waste—and fewer lost work hours due to weather changes and subcontractor no-shows.  

Reputable NJ modular builders can help homeowners put this savings to good use, as well, since they are versed in sustainable, LEED-certified finishing options. Design choices like reclaimed wood flooring, solar panels and energy-efficient windows become more affordable when building costs aren’t prohibitive.

Modular homes represented 5 percent of new construction in 2010, and environmental advocates believe that number will grow significantly over the next decade. And, because of its budget-friendly, green approach, schools and multi-family residences across the U.S. are beginning to embrace the modular revolution, too.  

When it’s time to build your sustainable, cost-efficient dream home, Miller Homes can help. To schedule a consultation with our team of Jersey Shore modular builders, call 609-296-0052 or email

Friday, March 9, 2012

Consumer Tips for Choosing the Right Modular Home Builder

Building a new home is a symbol of achieving the American Dream, but the pitfalls of home building can turn that dream into a nightmare. Modular homes, which are engineered in a climate-controlled factory setting, offer consumers a more reliable alternative than on-site construction. Choosing a New Jersey modular home builder who provides additional services may streamline the process and lead to a less stressful experience. Here are five tips to help you select the right contractor: 
  1. Do some research. Look for a builder who is licensed, insured, and bonded. Ask if he belongs to professional or trade organizations, and have him supply references from recent clients. A reputable New Jersey modular builder should have this information readily available, and should be prepared to supply it to prospective home buyers.
  2. Verify the information. Consumers should always research a builder’s credentials.  Check state licenses and Better Business Bureau ratings, and ask to see insurance and bonding certificates. Call referring clients, and, if possible, visit one of the company’s New Jersey modular home sites.
  3. Request competitive bids. Take bids from at least three different modular home builders, making sure all bids are based on the same materials and services. A very low bid may indicate a mistake, inferior materials, or a lower standard of service.
  4. Consider a full-service company. If you had planned to manage the construction of your home, make sure you clearly understand the responsibilities that come with this process. Unless you have the knowledge and time necessary to acquire permits, hire contractors and keep the project flowing smoothly, you might be more satisfied working with a New Jersey modular builder who provides turnkey services. Choose a builder who will educate and inform you; one who will monitor lot acquisition, permitting and construction from start to finish.
  5. Get a written contract. A thorough, detailed contract is the best way to eliminate misunderstanding and dissatisfaction when building a home. Read it carefully before signing, and make sure you understand your rights and responsibilities as a New Jersey modular home buyer.  
Being an informed consumer will minimize the pitfalls of home construction, and soon, with the help of the right contractor, you’ll be enjoying your own American Dream: a beautiful New Jersey modular home. To schedule a Miller Homes consultation or inquire about home styles, financing and construction services, contact our team of modular specialists today. 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Go Modular and Take Advantage of Low Mortgage Rates!

With interest rates at an all-time low (some in the 3% range!), there has never been a better time to build your New Jersey modular home. Even the most conservative consumers may choose to become homebuyers sooner than later with the availability of low mortgage rates and affordable monthly payments. Best of all, high-quality modular solutions are available in a wide variety of floor plans and styles—so your home is never a “cookie cutter model.”  

The common perception of a modular home is one that looks just like any other house on the street, without unique design or character. However, the term “modular” refers only to the fact that components of the house are built in a precision-controlled environment with Energy Star-rated materials. Combined with all-time low interest rates, this type of sustainability and energy savings means that you enjoy an exceptional deal on a well-built house. Best of all, there are a myriad of design options available for your affordable NJ modular home.

Construction and Cost
Miller modular homes are built to your custom specifications—from roof style to the shape of the windows and the color of the siding. Modular construction involves quality control and top-of-the-line engineering, and is more cost-efficient than traditional construction.

While many homeowners believe that modular home financing is difficult to obtain, this is simply not the case. Before applying for a loan, select a lending institution that is familiar with modular construction and financing. Looking for help? Miller Homes, an A+ accredited member of the Better Business Bureau, partners with several lending institutions to ensure customers a streamlined loan process—and the lowest mortgage rates available. Miller Homes’ valued clients always have the option of securing their own financing or working with our lending resources, depending on their preference.

Act now! Don’t put off dreams of owning your own modular residence: built to suit growing families, retirees or single owners. Call today to obtain lending partner referrals—and secure the best execution rates for FHA, VA, fixed rate or ARMs. Or, schedule a consultation with owner Jim Miller and his team to learn more about our quality construction methods and available financing options.     

Friday, December 30, 2011

Build Your Dream Home Today

If you think that New Jersey modular homes are look-alike, cookie cutter houses, think again. Contemporary modular homes offer unlimited customization to meet your design and budget needs. Choosing a NJ modular home builder opens the door to an array of affordable design and style alternatives that might surprise you.

Interior and Exterior Design Options

Every element of your modular home is designed in detail, from the first structural beam to the last roof shingle, according to your specifications. You can create literally any style of home—and it will take less time and money to accomplish. Options include: 

  • Ranch
  • Cape Cod
  • Two-story Colonial
  • Victorian
  • Split-level
  • Modern
  • Multi-Family
  • Beach Style
  • Duplex

In addition to selecting your NJ home’s architectural style, you’ll enjoy customized interior finishing. From hardwood floors and ceramic tile to stone fireplaces and granite countertops, your options are unlimited. And because modular construction saves you money, you’ll enjoy greater flexibility with your interior design budget.

State-of-the-Art Construction

In the past, modular homes have sometimes evoked images of substandard construction. In actuality, New Jersey modular homes offer superior engineering, efficient building and ultimate quality control. Your home benefits from precision factory detailing in a climate controlled environment. Lumber is cut with a computer-programmed saw, guaranteeing a perfect cut unattainable by hand. Materials are then assembled without damaging exposure from rain, sleet, snow or sunshine.

Owning Your Dream Home

Your project begins with a desire to live in a home that reflects your taste and lifestyle. The right NJ modular home builder will help shape your world, inside and out, and guide you in selecting materials that express your vision. From the shape of your roof to the texture on your walls, your modular home is 100 percent yours.  

Whether you are moving to New Jersey, renovating an existing home or building a new house to accommodate your changing family, Miller Homes offers unlimited custom solutions to make your architectural dreams come true. Contact us today to begin building your modular home NJ, and change your desire into intelligent, beautiful and affordable reality.